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Monday, October 22, 2012

Expected Bay Of Bengal Cyclone MURJAN Will Hit Orissa On October 29, 2012

Cyclone Murjan will hit Orissa on October 28, 2012

We had predicted earlier that the expected tropical cyclone Murjan which is going to form in the Bay of Bengal (North Indian Ocean) will touch the Orisaa coast and then move into West Bengal.

Well, Murjan seems to have changed its mind. It is going to shower its "affections" only on Orissa. It is expected to hit the coast  at Gopalpur-in-sea on October 28, 2012 and drench the state in the next two days.

Point of impact. Murjan will hit the Orissa coat at Gopal-on-sea on October 28, 2012

Murjan is going to be a big nasty storm. High winds. Heavy rains. Super cyclone? May be.

It is time the Orissa government (I am sure they already are) start preparing for the worst. Murjan is going to be big bad boy.

Predicted path of cyclone "Murjan". October 26, 2012 to Oct. 28, 2012

1 comment:

  1. Cyclone Murjan expected to make landfall as a deep depression between North Tamil Nadu coast & Central Coastal Andhra Pradesh in Peninsular India. Bangladesh-West Bengal-Orissa Track looks improbable as of now because of incoming western disturbance over North India during the same period.


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