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Big Tropical Cyclone "Keila" To Hit Oman By June 10, Friday Evening

Now it is becoming increasing clear that the tropical storm which is likely to form over the Arabian Sea south of the Saurashtra (India) coast by Monday (June 6, 2011) is likely to intensify into a monster cyclone "Keila" and head straight to Oman. It will start small but increasingly gain strength and hit Oman by Friday (June 10, 2011) evening.

Latest news

  • The tropical storm Keila will take birth by Monday (June 6) near the coast of Mumbai. 
  • Over the next few days it will gain strength and turn into a big cyclone and head straight for Oman.
  • It will hit Oman by Friday night. By then it will have turned into a super cyclone.
  • The government and people of Oman will have to start preparing for the storm. The earlier the better. Unless the quirky Keila changes her mind and heads to Gujarat, Oman is going to face its fury.
  • Wind speeds will be (when Keila hits Oman) in excess of 100 Kmph. And these are Conservative estimates.
  • There will heavy rainfall in Oman . Especially Muscat and northern parts of the country. 
  • Leila will make landfall at Khaluf town in Oman by Friday evening. The towns of Adam and Nizwa will face the brunt of the storm and rain.
  • Because of the storm rainfall is likely in Southern Pakistan, especially Karachi on June 9, Thursday. Also in India Saurashtra too will have intermittent rainfall as Keila passes by. The winds at the Gujarat coast are likely to be very strong over the next one week.
 The birth of a cyclone. Keila is born. June 6, 2011. Monday evening

 Tuesday. June 7, 2011. Keila saunters past the Gujarat coast towards Oman. She grows bigger.

 Thursday. June 9, 2011. Keila heads to make a date with Oman

Friday afternoon. June 10, 2011. Keila enters Omani coast.

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  1. it is a sad news.. to know..
    how can v servive........ pleace give us the solution...

  2. The best way - my dear - is to pray - & please the GOD - He gave cyclones & earth quakes & Forest Fires. Then He is the one who will give - the beautiful waterfalls - serene forests - enchanting landscapes - & very importantly peace

  3. Is this all valid and true?? as so far there has been no warnings in the country or no news about it being forecasted in any chanels.

  4. I have based the forecast on GFS (Global Forecasting System) which is one of the best weather forecasters. Of course the expected storm may peter out or change course. It is a question of probability. My advice is keep reading the updates on this site.

  5. lady & gents,
    Any update, is it true?

  6. Why there is no other websites describe about it?! I tried BBC; but they don't say anything about it!!

  7. Well if this is true why is not the Oman government acting on this or such information...

  8. If it is so true then why is not Oman government alerting on this issue or issuing some warnings???

  9. Governments tend to play it safe and release information on a storm after most forecast models predict it. The plus point; it does not raise unnecessary alarm amongst the public. The minus point; the warning is issued late.

  10. Hi
    When do you predict the max of the cyclone will reach?

  11. "Keila" will start intensifying rapidly on June 10, Friday morning. It will be a few hundred Kms east of Oman. Wind speeds then? Excess of 100 Kmph. Then it will keep becoming more powerful as it suddenly moves north-westerly towards the Iranian coast. Till then it will have become what we call a 'monster' cyclone.

  12. So what time is it expected to hit Oman on Friday?
    Just a point to add:
    if the eye of the cyclone passess dirctly over Oman, which is the worst case scenario, the damage is expected to be high. Therfore, the damage will be less the further we are from the eye, however, it also depends on the size of the cyclone, that is if it becomes a Hurricane then the eye will have larger radius, therefore increasing the risk.

  13. it seems your 'monster' cyclone is just in your head, no one is talking about it! you must be real famous for laymen.

  14. hahaha ,, what an Indian joker

  15. God! i find it all hard to believe!!!!So as the prediction what kind of precautions can we take and according to your judgement what exactly would happen???Something similar to GOnu,Phet or even worse???

  16. None of the other websites like CNN orBBC is reporting such a forecast what could be the probable reason for this???

  17. Okay, so lets just calculate this...hits friday evening = public sector gets 3 to 4 days off, some a little more as their paths will be flooded and the governtment takes off till just before Ramadan to round things off nicely. plus they'll go on strike for better wages because they now have to face yet another storm. why the rain now, just when we thought we had Sohar under control...they'll use any excuse.

  18. If that true why nobody is taking action I m still doubt of the predication according to what he predicate all the other website they did not mention any cyclone predication even the news , lady and gent let us follow the government instruction and advise and surly if there is anything dangerous the government will announce that but it seems it ‘s big joke going on .

  19. god bless us all ... am really panic about the cyclone... Anonymous i liked your comment. its totally true

  20. please update the maps as it was based on old predections.. it looks like keila changed its direction and no longer visiting Oman, right?

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Anyways... we can do one thing wait till it comes...:D

  23. It seems there no keila even exit and how they will update for something doesn’t exit and probably it’s very excellent rumor but it is very useful for the dealer at least they have sold their items which is closely to expiry of course because we very excellent consumer, but the Guy who has Great this rumor is very intelligent one .
    Lady and Gnt. Now own will follow up the information form concern department only and any rumor such as this one should be resist .
    The rumor Greater must apologize from all .

  24. No need to panic and always take the information from different websites and different channels. I have meteorological back ground, and visited some other websites, there is nothing such....

    This guy is keep saying and analyzing as he is one of the biggest meteorologist.

    You people are educated and don't be fools by others easily. God save Oman forever

  25. Oh my God, you are one of a kind, thank you for predicting the future for us but you need to write it in Hindi language so everybody understand your brain!
    and please dont update the map, just wait, it will happen one day if not this year .. it is all future. thank you and keep it up.

  26. Yes latest forecasts say the storm will skip Oman.

  27. Can you please send one cyclo to us ..pleeeeeese
    Tank you bai

  28. Do u remember the Indian guy who told us about Guno??? every one said it was just a rumor.. and no one believed him..but SUDENLY every thing was true and happened...SO what do u call that?????

  29. So what is the conclusion??is it there or not???

  30. There is a strong possibility of a tropical storm in the Arabian Sea developing in the next two days. But Oman is not in its path. Read the latest articles.

  31. Dear
    I think if there is major problem the government will a nonce that , like what happen in Juno and phit .
    so i think until know nothing is major so keep cool and pray.

  32. no keila in oman ..
    till now here hot is horrible..
    do just forget abt cyclone and keep happy

  33. Sadiq
    Can you please arrange to delivery one cyclone to Jordan because the wither is very hot now and will be very thankful to yu sadiq
    Friend indeed is friend in need and we need your help Sadiq


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