Typhoon NORU To Move Through Kyushu, SW Honshu


Typhoon NORU may have weakened to a category 1 hurricane but in the coming hours it will intensify again (winds of 160 kmph, gusts upto 200 kmph) as it batters the islands of Japanese archipelago.

Hardened storm chasers may belittle NORU for falling from a super typhoon to a mere category 1 storm but it still packs a punch. When it slices through the densely populated Kyushu island it will have winds of 140 kmph, gusts upto 185 kmph.

For people in cities like Nagasaki, Hiroshima it means trouble. More problematic will be the accompanying rainfall.

NORU is a slow moving storm. It will take almost 48-72 hours to move through the northern Ryukyu islands into Kyushu. Only after it moves through mainland Japan will it gain speed as it ploughs through Kyushu and southwestern Honshu into the Sea of Japan.

NORU will enter Kyushu only in the early hours of August 6, local time. Till then the flails of the storm will keep lashing southern Kyushu.

Slow moving storm means prolonged agony for the areas affected.

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