Latest Forecast Say Cyclone "Murjan" Will Be Bigger, But Will Hit Burma

Weather prediction map (Click to enlarge) May 26, 2012. The storm nudges the Orissa coast

The projected path of tropical storm Murjan has shifted. (Vagaries of nature). Instead of a weak cyclone hitting the Indian coast at Rajahmundry, it is going to be a big bad boy. And it will just kiss the coasts of Orissa and West Bengal in India and Bangladesh, ( Latest reports say it will not even touch the Indian or Bangladesh coast) but will hit with full fury the Burmese coast on Friday, April 27, 2012.

The stretch most affected will be between the towns of Akyab (Sittwe) and Sandoway on the Burmese coast. Ramree and Cheduba islands are in for a big lashing and heavy drenching from April 27. The whole of Myanmar will get heavy rains on that day. 

The wind speeds when Murjan will hit the Myanmar coast? Excess of 70-80 Kmph. The storm will be spawned on April 23, 2012 east of the Sri Lankan coast. The low pressure area will move north towards the West Bengal-Bangladesh coast for the next 3 days and then intensify strongly becoming a cyclone. It will then curve towards the Burmese coat and hit it on April 27.

Weather prediction map (Click to enlarge): April 27, 2012. The storm curves towards Burma, about to hit it.
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