Monsoon To Become Active Again Within A Week

JUNE 18, 2017, SUNDAY

The monsoon is in a dormant state now. That is going to change in the coming days with a revival both in the Arabian Sea as well as Bay of Bengal.

The intensification on the Arabian Sea side will be gradual with precipitation rising both at sea and on the west coast. Though no rainmaker systems are expected to form in the following week, rainfall will increase first in coastal Karnataka, then Konkan, Goa in the coming days.

The flow will spread to Gujarat by June end and may be bring showers even to Kutch, Sindh and Karachi. Monsoon may finally arrive in Gujarat by month end.

The Bay of Bengal's revival characterically will be more dramatic. A cyclonic circulation may form off the Andhra coast on June 23 which may make landfall into Odisha on June 24. This system will hopefully push monsoon into more parts of eastern, central and may be Uttar Pradesh.

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