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LATEST FORECASTS IN BRIEF (UPDATED CONSTANTLY)..........Very heavy rains across India culminating in Gujarat around July 8.............Sindh in for a deluge July 9................Very heavy rains in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh around July 3-4...............Monsoon to reach Delhi by July 5...........

TROPICAL STORM ARABIAN SEA: Predicted Rainfall In Gujarat And Southern Pakistan

Here is the rainfall forecast for Saurashtra and southern Pakistan because of the tropical storm which is expected in a couple of days. Coastal areas of Saurashtra will receive rainfall Friday to Sunday. Some places will get heavy falls. Southern Pakistan will get most of the rains. Especially Baluchistan. The rains will reach Pakistan on Saturday (June 11, 2011)

 Thursday, June 9, 2011 The rain laden clouds move northwards.

 Friday June 10, 2011 Coastal areas of Saurashtra receive rainfall. No heavy falls. Most of the heavy precipitation falls in the sea. Pity.

 Saturday June 11, 2011 Saurashtra Kutch coastal areas keep getting rain. Light to moderate

 Saturday June 12, 2011 Dwarka, Kandla, Mandvi get heavy falls

 Monday June 13 2011 Rains start in Pakistan. Welcome downpours in Karachi

Tuesday June 14 2011 Heavy falls in parts of Sind and Balochistan

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